Professional bleaching performed by our dentists in our clinic

349 €

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Delivery time: 3-5 days

Professional teeth whitening carried out in our practice by our dentists

The advantages

Gentle and tooth-friendly whitening: Tooth-friendly whitening thanks to innovative technology. If desired, the bleaching can be repeated

Under the supervision and control of experienced dentists: Safe tooth whitening under dental supervision with highly concentrated, particularly effective bleaching gel

Up to eight shades lighter: Effective correction of discolouration by up to eight shades (based on the base color of the teeth and dental care)

Fast and long-lasting effects: Long-lasting results of up to four years. Significantly better effect than "cosmetic tooth whitening"

How does the bleaching work?

Step 1: Your appointment

Book a bleaching appointment at the PlusDental partner practice in Berlin, Düsseldorf or Hamburg easily online. The appointment only lasts an hour.

Step 2: Your bleaching

Our dentists will analyze your teeth on site. The tooth whitening is then carried out under dental supervision.

Step 3: Your bright smile

Thanks to the immediate effect, your teeth will shine immediately after the treatment. Professional bleaching enables up to eight shades to be lightened.

Important: Bleaching in our dental practice is currently only possible in Berlin Charlottenburg. After completing your order, book your desired date directly here!