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PlusDent Care Premium (annually)

196,90 €

Incl. VAT plus shipping
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For a radiantly beautiful smile! Showing your teeth is now even more fun with the PlusDent Care Premium package.

As well as three pairs of custom-made retainers (including retainer guarantee), you'll receive cleaning tablets for aligners and retainers from us three times a year for weekly use.

Our professional teeth whitening treatment, which effectively and gently offers years of results, also ensures a radiantly white smile.

All benefits

The PlusDent retainers were specially developed by us to keep your teeth in the correct position after your aligner treatment. We manufacture all your retainers in our in-house dental laboratory in Germany in compliance with the highest medical quality standards. Similar to your invisible aligners, the retainers are made of a discreet and transparent firmer material. To prevent your teeth from shifting again, you'll wear the retainers for 12 hours a day and then only at night afterwards.

Thanks to the additional retainer guarantee, you'll receive a free replacement from us if you lose or damage them.

Our cleaning tablets intensively and powerfully clean your aligners and retainers. The gentle application removes deposits and fights up to 99.9% of bacteria.

Our professional at-home whitening kit with long-term results gives your smile the finishing touch and convinces with a simple application at home. To ensure the best results, we manufacture your whitening trays in our dental laboratory in Germany in compliance with the highest medical quality standards, and tailor them to your individual tooth position.

Cost savings with the PlusDent® Care Premium

If you choose the yearly PlusDent Care Basic package, you'll pay one month less compared to the monthly Basic package. You will receive retainer trays (incl. guarantee) as well as cleaning tablets 3 times a year and Home-Bleaching once a year.
Sample invoice based on a 12-month contract
Total price of products:
3x £ 99 Retainer + 3x £ 6,50 Reinigungstabs + 1x £ 234 Home-Bleaching + Retainer-Garantie = £ 553,5

Do you have any questions?

How do I take out additional dental insurance with the PlusDent Care Platinum package? (Germany only)

You can take out additional dental insurance with our partner Die Bayerische. The insurance price isn't included in the price of the PlusDent Care Platinum package. After you've purchased the platinum package, you'll receive an email from us with a link that you can use to purchase your additional dental insurance.

What's the advantage of subscribing to PlusDent Care annually?

Your PlusDent Care package is available at a transparent fixed price with no hidden extra costs. If you pay for your package annually, we'll give you one monthly instalment for free.

When do I need retainers?

Your teeth move throughout your entire life. In order to keep your teeth in the correct position after aligner treatment, you'll need to wear our PlusDent retainers. These custom-made retainers are discreet, durable and manufactured in our in-house dental laboratory in Germany.

Can I reorder retainers without PlusDent Care?

You can order your retainers any time via your PlusDent account for just £99 without PlusDent Care. Your retainers are included with PlusDent Care and can be re-ordered at any time free of charge if you damage or lose them.

What is the PlusDent Care minimum term?

The PlusDent Care minimum term with monthly payment is 6 months. With an annual payment, the minimum term is one year. Your respective contract is automatically extended by the previous contract period unless you cancel your package 30 days before the end of the contract.

Are the shipping costs included?

Shipping costs are included in the respective PlusDent Care package. All prices include VAT.

Who can take out PlusDent Care?

The benefits of PlusDent Care are available to all PlusDent patients. When ordering on this site, please use the same email address as your PlusDent account.


What happens if I am not allowed to use the bleaching after a medical examination?

If, from a medical point of view, you are not suitable for bleaching, we will convert your order to PlusDent Care Basic and refund you the difference.


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